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To help ensure enjoyable and trouble-free operation of your Mazda, read this manual. The level normally drops with accumulated distance, a condition associated with wear of brake linings. Press the audio control knob to select bass, mid-range, treble, fade or balance control. It is lighter and smaller than a conventional tire and should be used only for an emergency and only for a short distance. The files that make up this pdf come directly from the manufacturer, the latest updated version.

Twisted seat belts are dangerous. If the brake system frequently requires new fluid, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

If the system does not operate correctly, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Brake Fluid Inspect the fluid level in the reservoir regularly. Air Bag System Description Gases are produced to inflate the air bags and after the inflation, the air bags quickly deflate. Thank you for choosing a Mazda.

Mazda Millenia

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An accident could damage the belt webbing of the seat belt in use. Dialing a number on a cell phone while driving also ties-up the driver's hands.

The temporary spare tire is easier to handle because of its construction. This is the quickest and best way to address the issue. Engine Exhaust carbon Monoxide When inhaled, it can cause loss of consciousness and death. Please be aware that this manual applies to all models, equipment and options. Ejecting the cassette tape Press the cassette tape eject button eject the cassette tape.

Because you have the best repair manual for your exact car. Mazda b truck automobile owner's manual pages.


On a metric stud, it would not secure the wheel and would damage the stud, which could cause the wheel to slip off and cause an accident. Running the engine inside an enclosed area, such as a garage, is dangerous. You can also obtain other information about motor vehicle safety from the Hotline.

Using the cup holder to hold hot liquids while the vehicle is moving is dangerous. Should this happen, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. Release the button at the speed you want. With no support behind your head, your neck could be seriously injured in a collision. If you are thinking about just car maintenance, it is also profitable.

2002 MAZDA Millenia Owners Manual

Selection of the airflow mode, air intake selector and amount of airflow will be automatically controlled. Keep this manual in the glove box as a handy reference for the safe and enjoyable use of. Insert it into the buckle until you hear a click.

Insert the tongue into the buckle until you hear a click. Please do not close this page. Mazda recommends that you affix them to the lower rear corner of the front door windows. Push and hold the lock-release button. Page To secure the jack Perform the removal procedure in reverse.

Mazda Millenia

Because this procedure requires technical expertise, justinguitar beginners songbook pdf free we recommend that it be done by an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Mazda tribute automobile owner's manual pages. Popular category Jaguar Land Rover Mazda. It is the most complete manual repair you can find. Page Exposed metal quickly rusts and can lead to major repairs.

Changing oil filter Because you need a special tool to retighten the filter, an Authorized Mazda Dealer should do the work. If it is excessively low, have the brake system inspected by an Authorized Mazda Dealer. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for grading tires by tread wear, traction, and temperature performance.

For details, read the separate Mazda Warranty statement provided with the vehicle. Depress the perimeter switch in the appropriate direction. Handling the cassette tape player The following precautions should be observed. This should be done as soon as possible.

Clicking from the retractor will be heard during retraction if the system is in the automatic locking mode. Air Conditioning and the Environment. If you smell exhaust gas inside your vehicle, keep all windows fully open and contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer immediately. Shifting the shift lever without first depressing the brake pedal is dangerous.

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All Authorized Mazda Dealers have both the knowledge and tools to keep your Mazda in top condition. Automobile Mazda tribute Manual pages. We have an offer for each of you.

Raise the wiper arm and turn the blade assembly to expose the plastic locking clip. Alone, air bags may not prevent serious injuries.

It could seriously affect ride, handling, ground clearance, tire clearance, and speedometer calibration. Using damaged seat belts is dangerous. Use only a genuine Mazda lighter or the equivalent.

Mazda MILLENIA repair manual

2002 MAZDA Millenia Owners Manual