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The brake applications will help braking maneuvers. Identifies func- tions that can be specifically adapted for a particular key or vehicle.


Avoid sudden accelera- tion and braking maneuvers. Spare fuses, plastic tweezers, and information about fuse allocation are stored with the fuses.

Individual adjustments on the front-seat control elements influence the air sup- ply for rear passenger area climate con- trol. It must be held by the handle. Being Towed Press out the cover in the front or rear bumper response. Page Telephone Owner's original hand-held transmitter. Online Edition for Part-No.

The engine could The oil quantity between the two marks of the be damaged because of inadequate lubri- dipstick is approx. Pull bulb out of bulb holder by base nal before starting. With Handbrake Engaged If the clutch pedal is not pressed, the engine begin to drive. Driving The engine idle speed is controlled by the components, economic growth journal pdf especially the catalytic converter. Page The illustration shows securing at the the hooks of the partition net onto the bottom right as an example.

Cargo Area Do not allow the roll-up cover to snap back, as otherwise it could be dam- Lay the case in the two side brackets aged. Avoid use for extended periods of time, otherwise, it will no longer be possible to start the engine. Cargo Loading Determine the combined weight of the driver and passengers that will be riding in your vehicle.

You should re-equip with wheels and tires of the original size as quickly as possible. We wish you an enjoyable driving experience. Guide the belt back into its reel. Page Open the glove compartment and turn the two quick-release fasteners to the left, refer to arrows.


Rotary switch for air distribution Turn to position Rear window defroster Switch on to defrost the rear window. Secure the with the defective tire into the wheel by turning at least two lug removal aid. Possible Displays The gear selected will appear briefly in Select only when the vehicle is stationary.

Panorama Glass Sunroof The system must be initial- Briefly pressing the switch again stops the ized. Reporting Safety Defects D. Safe Braking This avoids excessive strain the vehicle if they are installed.

BMW X3 2005 Owner s Manual

2005 BMW X5 3.0i - Owner s Manual (200 pages)


The system then recir- Online Edition for Part-No. Steering Wheel When estimating the distance between yourself and other traffic, bear in mind that the objects reflected in the mirror are closer than they appear. Automatic Transmission Selector-lever positions suitable. The speed stored in the memory is deleted in the process. Cruising Range Average speed If you press the computer button for approx.

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Wrap sharp edges so that no damage occurs. Have the system checked as soon as possible.

You may switch the sys- tem on again manually as needed. The clock takes leap years into account and therefore does not have to be reset manually. Symbols on vehicle components Indicates that you should consult the rel- evant section of this Owner's Manual for information on a particular part or assembly. Online Edition for Part No.

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Page The button for the interior lamps in the automatically be switched on when the rear passenger area only switches front fog lamps are switched on. Check the tires for damage. Cargo Area Pull the cargo area cover out by the handle and hook it into the rear holders.

2005 BMW X5 3.0i - Owner s Manual (200 pages)

Page In order to prevent battery dis- charge, all of the lamps in the vehicle are switched off automatically approx. Page n Online Edition for Part No. Hdc Hill Descent Control Self-leveling Suspension Even when the position of the vehicle is normal, have the system checked as soon as possible when a malfunction is indicated.

Heated Seats Press the button and hold it slightly movement. Ensure that adequate clearance is available before opening. Computer Top up engine oil at the next oppor- equipment. Driving Through Water Do minimum of steering effort.

When starting the engine, do not press the accelerator pedal. Comply with the instructions on the containers. You can close the windows in the same manner by pulling the switch. When driving with snow chains, do not initialize the system.

Press the left or right side of the button. Cruise Control The cruise control is also deactivated when the requesting the speed that was stored last. Liftgate For information on the cargo area cover the liftgate in a garage. Turning the handle releases the com- pact wheel.

Be care- ful not to damage the socket with unsuitable plugs. Switching Off Engine The vehicle must be stationary and the engaged, can lead to damage of the selector lever in Park before you can catalytic converter. Storage Compartments If you only hand over the spare key, e. Interior Lamps You can have soft dimming of the interior lamps set. Airbags Online Edition for Part No.

You can carry light objects such as articles of clothing on the cargo area cover. You may have to repeat this function several times while programming. Airbags When needed, the head and side airbags help provide protection in the event of side impact.