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Their relationship was transient, but profound. To fetter is to shackle or put in chains.

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As we communicate withone another, we use words as a means of expression. The glitch in the software program truncated the lines of a veryimportant document I was typing. To exculpate means to free from blame or clear from a charge of guilt.

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Andrew is a remarkably successful businessmanfor someone so puerile. If you were a libertine, you might a. In a desperate attempt to make a point aboutwhat she considered an inappropriate book, Sophia decided to immolate the book inpublic. To petrify in this context is to stun or paralyze with fear, astonishment, or dread.

Comedians often disparage politicians as part of their comedic routines. She was ambivalent about the proposalfor the shopping center because she understood the arguments both for and againstits construction. Mirth means great merriment or joyous laughter. Petrify can also mean to make hard or stiff like a stone. The raucous music kept us awake all night.

The tulip bulbs beneath the soil would burgeon in earlyspring, providing there was no late frost. It can also mean to impede or restrict. It can also mean something worthless, commonplace, or trivial.

When Anthony admitted to committing the crime, it served to exculpateMarcus. Driving through the state park, we spotted a grizzly bear on aprecipitous cliff and wondered if he would fall. When she was caught stealing for the second time, Maya knew hermother would castigate her. Work crews immediately began the task of cleaning the drossat the abandoned plastics factory. When you are ready to begin, review the word list at the beginning ofeach chapter.

If your English professor was very erudite, she would be a. Sententious can also mean expressing oneself tersely. Astronauts go for space walks only when wearing hermetic spacesuits. If you do not own this book, pleasewrite your answers on a separate piece of paper.

Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Blight, in this context, means an unsightly object or area. Using words as weapons, the well-spoken icon-oclast challenged religious hypocrisy wherever she found it. If you were urbane, you would a. Here, the context suggests harsh criticism rather than severe punishment.

Castigate implies a harsher punishment than chastise, which also means to punish severely but can also mean to criticize harshly. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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Blithe means light-hearted and carefree. Each word pair chapter contains ten sets of synonyms. You win some, you lose some. Show related SlideShares at end. Which character trait would you least like to see in a soldier?

Someone who is obtuse is stupid and slow to understand. The nurses in the intensive care unit are known for pro-viding assiduous care to their patients. When Kathryn began to bur-nish the old metal teapot, she realized that it was, in fact, solid silver.

Make it an active part of your vocabulary as soon as possible. Repetition is the key to mastery, 2001 jeep cherokee service manual.pdf especially with vocabulary.

The letter purports to express your opinion on thematter. She quietly subverted his authority by sharing internal informationwith outside agents. If you do not ownthis book, please write your answers on a separate piece of paper. An aberration is a deviation from the norm, an anomaly.

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Charlesknew that his wife would chastise him after he inadvertently told the room full ofguests that she had just had a face-lift. This is a non- standard use of the word, but one that has come to be accepted.

Congratulations on taking these very important steps toward building abetter vocabulary. You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. If you prefer to write in the book, mark youranswers lightly in pencil so that you can erase your answers and use the questions for review a few months or years down the road. Five hundred and one vocabulary questions. To mince means to say something more delicately or indirectly for the sake of politeness or decorum.