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If you are still having supply problems, check the in-tank filter sock - did you know you have one? Carefully mark the exact position of the slot where the screw is attached - this is the temperature calibration position, you'll need to attach it later to this exact spot.

To squeek by early emissions laws the computers had a special idle circuit which was individually tuned on the line with an adjuster on the box. See throttle switch section above for more detail. Using an injector cleaner e. Used with the Ballast Resistor below.

See the entry above for the intake air temperature sensor for theory on how these sensors work. This table is an ongoing listing of specific drivability problems, with likely causes and solutions. We have replaced the Throttle Control Switch with a new unit. To use, you must open the throttle switch - be careful, there are some rubber positioning blocks that may fall out.

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To decrease the vacuum point where the valve opens, unscrew the adjuster, to increase it, tighten the adjuster. If p m tries to drop further e. Usually, if the idle is too rich, the idle speed is very responsive to adjustments to the air bleed screw. Causes valve to stay open.

Turn it upside down and flush the side port with penetrating lubricant e. You'll find the bore is full of rust and muck. The contact trigger points also determine the timing of the injection pulses. Low pressure will result in a lean mixture, high pressure a rich mixture, across all load conditions.

Proper part for your application and proper functioning is extremely important! The throttle switch needs to be precisely aligned to ensure that the idle switch is properly actuated, and that the full extent of acceleration is covered over the range of operation. Sliding contact can actually be between the two combs also, not making contact with either!

Regulates the flow of blow-by gasses from the crankcase into the intake manifold. This fine tune adjustment is ignored when the throttle is anywhere but closed. Clean it out, flush it a few more times, then try again.

Disconnecting this sensor has the effect of richening the mixture, a common mechanic's trick. It's not so clear from the diagram, but the way this thing works is that in the top part of the unit, there's a cylinder with a slot cut in the side. Check part number against the table above. See my notes in the table above about this sensor and the part numbers. Has over-run shut-off circuit, no idle mixture adjustment knob, photoshop cs3 extended tutorials pdf five waveform generators in the speed control circuit.

Should add a few minutes to the fast idle part of the cycle. When both switches are on, this can lead to a no-start situation and very erratic operation. Makes the mixture somewhat richer. If you can't regulate the pressure, this may be your problem. The throttle idle micro-switch of forming contacts a by the lever c connected rigidly with the throttle valve wave with closed throttle valve are operated.

With grouped injection, one cylinder gets the injection pulse right before the intake valve opens, the other cylinder gets the injection pulse about degrees before the intake valve opens. Deposits cause the injector to leak into the intake. However, some variations in the system exist, including by model year.

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Follow the instructions in the Kjell Nelin article to test your injectors. Limits intake manifold vacuum during overrun to reduce hydrocarbon emissions.

Bosch used D-Jetronic for many different applications. Probably one of the most common problem with D-Jetronic systems is a vacuum leak. This part number was used on all versions of D-Jetronic e. Mechanical switch contacts of idle sensing switch.

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Don't go over this amount of ballast because it will begin to affect the warmed-up mixture. The outputs of the flip-flop are sent to two edge detectors, whose outputs are combined and sent to pulse shaping and narrowing circuits. Causes one bank of injectors to not fire. Detailed procedures on checking the fuel pump are documented in the Factory Workshop Manual. The valve limits the manifold pressure p m to the onset pressure p o where the valve opens.

Poor cold start operation open or rich mixture shorted. You should see the ceramic insulator with the heating coil in the bottom of the unit.

So I don't think that's it, but on these system, I just don't know. Any substitution will result in idle and part-load performance problems, and possible poor fuel economy.

No output, dead cylinder, causing poor overall performance. If there is no continuity, the switch is open and bad.

Next step is to get the cylinder freed up. The disk b is concentrically arranged to the hub of the lever c. It is published by Porsche specialist Paul B. Bosch engineers preferred to use the dump type Reg so they could have continuous flow through the fuel supply system.

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Bosch D-Jetronic Fuel Injection Manual

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Proper adjustment of the throttle switch is critical. This resistance of this sensor is one of the primary factors in adjusting the mixture and it has a strong effect. Usually due to major component failure. Because the regulator is no longer available new or rebuilt, you will have to obtain a used unit or repair your own unit - you are on your own here! Makes the mixture somewhat leaner.

This set of components must be used together. Sources of external materials are attributed. Comb contact, showing evidence of wiping contact, but practically no wear.