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The general direction that a silhouette takes wider-narrower-longer-shorter shows a fashion trend. The factor an agent buys the money owed to the manufacturer accounts receivable at a discounted rate so that the manufacturer has the cash immediately and does not need to wait for payment.

In modular production workers are organized into teams that work together to produce an entire garment. Top Bra Camisole Undershirt. Coat remains a term for an overgarment, its essential meaning for the last thousand years see Coat.

Worked buttonholes are finished by embroidering by hand or machine around the edge of the buttonhole with a close and secure stitch. It ends at the waist or extends to the hips. There are hundreds of terms and abbreviations unique to the fashion industry.

The style of the garment is determined by the distinct features that create its overall appearance. The fabric is immersed in a dyebath and only the unwaxed area absorbs the dye. This fabric is not produced commercially. Any article of apparel, such as a dress, suit, coat, evening gown or sweater.

Fad - a short lived fashion. Social Upheaval, design and analysis of lean production systems pdf Economic Depression or War may put an end to a continuing Fashion cycle or certain conditions may revive certain Fashion with a few contemporary changes. Adrienne Vitadini fashion is a reflection of society and the concern for the earth is at the back of everyones mind.

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They can worn year after year. But the Charles-Westbrook fiasco is the largest drama to date. Any part of garment like sleeves, cuff, collar, waistband, etc are called as Garment components.

They are an integral part of the construction of the garment top. The type ie unit of measurement used for various items or parts of your product.

Knock offs- a copy of a higher priced style. Sometimes the fabric or leather is a different color from the garment, and the buttonhole becomes part of the ornamentation of the garment. The fit of a garment refers to how tight or loose it fits on the person who is wearing it. On one side of the area to be closed, a loop is made and on the other, a large, ornamental knot.

Classic - a particular style that continues as an accepted fashion over an extended period of time. Grading is not a perfect science and for production line manufacturing should be done by a professional. Sometimes they are set on a frame and have rigid handles. Alternatively, the garment may be a petticoat made from a stiff fabric. Lengthwise or warp yarns are placed on the loom first, and crosswise or weft also called filling yarns are interlaced with the warps.

Warp knits are more stable and resist runs. Hand knitting is a form of weft knitting, but weft knits are also made on machines. Often a number of tucks are made in the same area. Classic is traditional, with a long product life cycle.

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In needlepoint lace, a thread follows a pattern made on stiff parchment paper. If made from fibers other than wool, it must have some additional treatment to bond fibers together.

Such orders are often less definite, committing to the spending of a specific dollar amount but not to specific colors, sizes, or styles. If you hear a new word, be honest and humble.

Worn by those who are outdoors in severe winter weather. Most often used for gowns and other highly decorative garments. Fashion does not exist in all cultures and historic periods. Essentialist Today's Must Read. Electronic record-keeping and communication about inventory and needs has made this system possible.

Those made to create decorative effects are known as novelty or fancy yarns. Some fit models will not only try on the product, but will wear or use them in real life settings and provide feedback. They can be finished with a hem or overlapping pieces that allow the placket to be hidden.

Pleats may be part of a blouse, skirt, or pants. Congratulations, you now know the essentials! Details of styling and cut will vary. These bands were sewn onto various parts of the garment.

Flat felled seam or a simulated flat felled seam is often used in sturdy blue jeans. This is common in activewear, performance products or other goods that must withstand certain uses.

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Remember, passwords are case sensitive. They may close with drawstrings or zippers. The applied piece is called a facing. Search Tutorials Only Search. What is Garment components?

Plain seam is made by placing the right sides of two garment pieces together and sewing the seam on the under side of the fabric. Different styles of embroidery are often associated with particular geographic regions or ethnic groups. You can keep greige for frequently used fabrics in stock at the factory. Caps are likely to be made of fabric, often felt, or leather. If the markup is less than this, it is called a short markup.

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