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When the sketch is done constrain it to double check that all the dimensions match the part shown above. Specifying the plane can be done several different ways. For this particular exercise check the Snap To option.

Another option to a mistake is deleting it. Another problem with the broken link is that it creates an unclosed profile.

If the instructions were followed an over constrained condition will not exist. The extension is automatic.

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Sketcher Work Bench Tool Bars

It will highlight, foundations of materials science and engineering 5th edition pdf now select the scissors located at the bottom left of the screen. It allows you to visualize without committing to a particular value. From the Constraint Definition window select the More button.

Make the necessary changes if needed. All you have to do to select the new default tool is to double click on it. Animate Constraint is a powerful tool. Each subsequent practice exercise contains less suggested steps and helpful hints. Your profile updates automatically.

EBook) Catia Tutorial-PDF

Notice the Primary Spacing option is now showing in inches. Can one Sketch have more than one profile? To use this tool you have to select one or more entities and then select the Constraint Definition In a Dialog Box tool.

The dimension values should be one in the horizontal direction and one in the vertical direction. Use the Line or Profile icon first to sketch the profile using sharp corners no radius. The tools that have more than one option are listed to the right of the default Optional tools tool. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The Sketcher Work Bench grid disappears. Select the down arrow and watch it shrink.

It is possible to over constrain a profile in Sketcher Work Bench. This is a very helpful tool but be aware you may not always end up with what you started with. When entering the values for the Primary Spacing it is not necessary to enter the measurement type. You must reconsider which constraints are necessary to accomplish what you want.

Once it is constrained to the dimensions above, go back and add in the radiuses using the Corner icon. This will bring up a pull down menu that includes all of the work benches.

The Exit icon is located in the top right of the Sketcher Work Bench. The More button will allow you to select an extruded direction other than the default direction, which would be normal to the sketch plane. Select the Profile icon from the right menu bar.

This means the dotted lines represents. The Animate Constraint window has other options that you can test. The easiest way to verify this is to select the broken line, only one of the two line segments will highlight. The Undo tool allows you to undo multiple steps.

Some tools have an arrow located at the bottom right of the tool icon. Can an unclosed profile be extruded?

You will have to select and drag the Operation tool bar from the right bottom side of the screen to the location you select. Getting complete control of this tool will take some practice and patience.

CATIA Training and Tutorials

Click here to Download surfacing tutorials. This means that there are several methods available to complete almost every task. There are three standard tool bars found in the Sketcher Work Bench.

EBook) Catia Tutorial-PDF

The arc will appear and allow you to drag and place it where you want. The Tools pop up window will also up date to prompt for the end point.

This part profile should be straightforward. With this you are ready to create geometry! What is the definition of a constraint? This will give you more practice using the line and corner icons. Referenced illustrations will be used to help explain certain processes and to compare results.

The lack of a shared point will make the entities unlinked. List as many types of constraints as you can.