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She had published other novels between these works, but Wide Sargasso Sea caused a revival of interest in Rhys and her work and was her most commercially successful novel. Rhys's great achievement in her re-writing of the Bronte's text is her creation of a double to the madwoman from Jane Eyre. Concequently, the research shows how some elements in Jane Eyre are developed into parodic elements in Wide Sargasso Sea.

Wide Sargasso Sea

Jean length of the house and sloped lo largo de la casa, revista lux online pdf subiendo en cues- Rhys explains that it refers to a covered upwards to a clump of bamboos. It's very important for individuals that all real in relation to Jean Rhys. It aims to show how a twentieth-century literary work like Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea can be related to and a parody of Charlotte Bronte's nineteenth-century novel Jane Eyre.

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In this Reader's Guide, Carl Plasa provides a comprehensive survey and analysis of the most stimulating critical responses to Wide Sargasso Sea. Wide Sargasso Sea explores the power of relationships between men and women and develops postcolonial themes, such as racism, displacement, and assimilation.

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