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When a visitor at your door presses the backlit button on the Door Camera, the wireless Handheld Monitor chimes like a doorbell and displays video from the camera. Is it possible to extend the range for the hand held units?

Optex IVision advanced wireless intercom system with video

We will probably add the door release option at some point. When you're not available to answer, the Door Unit takes up to three photos of your visitor and transmits them to the Handheld Unit where they're saved to built-in memory.

We help you make the most of that. You also have the option of snapping still photos during a live conversation. Yes, if you are aware that someone is at your door having knocked, rang, etc. Up to photos can be stored in the monitor. The product is ideal for our application and worked right out of the box.

Optex iVision Intercom System Specifications

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The Charging Cradle for the Handheld Monitor can be placed on a tabletop or optionally wall-mounted, also using screws. Also, nice that we can add on to the system.

Moreover, it supports optional door-release capability that lets you open the door without getting up. The battery charge lasts a long time. Yes they do work together, but you need a third device. Our old intercom had a lot of hum and buzz.

This unit has to be placed on a side entrance wall. They work for me, with deep and broad knowledge about all the product options that are out there that can meet my technology needs. In Stock Update Location close.

It will provide a connection to control an electric strike or garage door. This was very important in our situation as the door is at an angle. Suppose the visitor knocks on the door or presses the old doorbell. There isn't however any kind of proximity monitoring, so the button does need to be pressed.

Easy to install and set up. As soon as the bell button is pressed it will start taking at least a single picture, more if there is no answer from the handset. It mounts near your door using its own back plate and screws. Quantity discounts available. Calculate Shipping fcybdvrwqztauzasbxfudvf.

Learn About the iVision Difference. Shape the Cloud for Your Business The cloud enhances your ability to operate nimbly. This unit will work well for our office when our assistant leaves for lunch and someone has to cover to entrance. Now, they ring doorbell and I can look at the monitor to see whose there. IoT and the Future of Cloud Connectivity.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. You can then answer and talk to your visitor through the intercom system from anywhere in your home!

When it is receiving wired power, the call button on the camera unit will also be illuminated. Would be nice to be able to activate the camera to see if anyone is loitering in hallway.

Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Intercom System

The system is expandable up to four handheld monitors and two door cameras total. Now, with it outside the front door, we can easily check and talk with anyone outside. The Door Camera mounts to the wall near your door with the included screws. Batteries for the Door Camera Unit are not included.

International orders are processed the next shipping day. The cloud enhances your ability to operate nimbly. If hard wiring to your building electrical system is unwieldy, you could also put together a simple battery pack and stash it, maybe even in place of the current batteries shorter runtime though.

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Tested and then installed the video intercom system last week and so far, so good. Both the monitor and the door camera can be powered by batteries, so no wiring is required. Be the first to review this item. One last note, if you want to view the video on demand at any time, not just when someone rings the bell, realize you have to hardwire power to the bell. It does what it says pretty well, although range is an issue.