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Whenever possible, mathematical formulations and statistical jargon are avoided. Pearce Here is a comprehensive overview of the statistical knowledge needed to conduct successful field experiments on crops. As Gomez and Gomez point out, there are a great many pitfalls for the novice cxperimentalist in the interpretation of statistical analyses. Statistical procedures for agricultural research. The statistical procedures can be used in other subject areas, jesus of nazareth the infancy narratives pdf although most of the practical problems are pertinent only to field experimentation.

The text will probably be of limited use outside the specific audience - developing country agricultural experimentalists-for whom it is intended. While preparing the first edition of this textbook I attended an extension short course on writing agricultural publications. Lastly come six chapters that deal with practical problems in agricultural experimentation. Originally published by the International Rice Research Institute, this widely respected guide has been totally updated and much expanded in this Second Edition.


List of Statistical Procedures

Within a narrow arca dcfincd by these two criteria, one often has a choice of texts and the principle considcrations become those of style. As each new point is made an example is generally given. The treatment of multiple regression completely omits mention of problems caused by multicollinearity among the predictor variables. Regression and Correlation Analysis.

Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research 2nd Edition

In addition, it has become a widely used reference for the graduate plant-breeding student and the practicing plant breeder. This book is an essential text for students of agriculture, horticulture and related disciplines.

Therefore, perhaps this text will be useful to researchers in other situations. This Chapter also gives methods e.

Statistical procedures for agricultural research

Clearly, the proper treatment of such mismatches between theory and practice could easily warrant another volume on the subject. In my forty-five years of experience with the day-to-day problems of producing a satisfactory crop of sugar cane, deciding what should be done to produce such a crop was not straightforward. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. The methodologies are presented unambiguously and in a friendly style. The minimal amount of notation is intuitive and unobtrusive.

Statistical procedures for agricultural research

Volumes of technical papers, produced regularly by the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, are also a source of reference. Thus, the authors meet their major objective adequately. Blending theory and practice, it covers a wide range of subjects from the fertility of fields and the allocation of resources to the cooperative efforts needed for a successful experiment. Analysis of Data from a Series of Experiments. Before discussing the text in detail, I believe it is important to be aware of the objectives specified by the authors.

In its prepa ration, particular attention has been given to advances in plant-breeding theo ry and their utility in plant-breeding practice. Presentation of Experimental Results. The text contains no applications of statistical computer packages.

Their systematic approach to an often seemingly mystical analytical technique is commendable. Gomez and Gomez provide a workable method for the derivation of contrast coefficients to represent a variety of inter- and intragroup comparisons. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Comparison Between Treatment Means. Three-or More-Factor Experiments.

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Stuart Hunter This fresh approach to statistics focuses on applications in the physical, engineering, biological, and social sciences. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.

These chapters provide a broad overview of the kinds of problems with which the breeder must cope. The basic structure and the objectives of the earlier editions remain un changed.

Hand calculations illustrate the application of techniques to real data.

However, I do question the wisdom of making sophisticated techniques readily accessible to an individual who may be inadequately equipped to deal with the contingent problems. The text contains no problem sets. However, for the target audience, it should prove a useful tool in the analysis of experimental data.

It now features new chapters on the analysis of multi-observation data and experiments conducted over time and space. Sampling in Experimental Plots. Analysis of Multiobservation Data. Looks like you are currently in Netherlands but have requested a page in the United States site. Disciplines are covered for the successful production of a sugar cane crop.

The blend of the theoretical with the practical has set this book apart from other plant-breeding textbooks. Would you like to change to the United States site? Providing practical training supported by a sound theoretical basis, this textbook introduces students to the principles of investigation by experiment and the role of statistics in analysis. Home Subjects Agriculture.

Single-Factor Experiments. Yates, two of the outstanding figures in the early days of the discipline of statistics.

Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research 2nd EditionStatistical procedures for agricultural research


However, it improves on the first edition by adhering to a step-by-step process that greatly improves accessibility and understanding. In by-passing simple exploratory analyses, I believe the experimentalist risks overlooking the outlier or pattern of data that may lead to a searching hypothesis and a new discovery. Alexander's Sugarcane Physiology. This volume is intended for reference by the commercial sugar cane grower.