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Latin is given to brevity, and Tacitus takes that brevity even further. The work begins with Tacitus reviewing the reign of Augustus and how Tiberius became his successor, over his more popular nephew Germanicus whose side of the family would eventual rule. She is honest an Tacitus is a difficult read, mindjet player pdf but this book is chock-a-block with interesting facts and insights.

The oxford edition of the Annals had amazing footnotes. The book concentrates on certain aspects of Roman life that other historians have largely neglected, it seems. How long will the file be downloaded?

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He's great at telling small scale tale In the year of the consulship of x and y, military events occurred, as did these notable moments of jurisprudence. Covering history from the beginning through the first century A. In the year of the consulship of x and y, military events occurred, as did these notable moments of jurisprudence. That was in fact the case.

We get to see something of the operation of the senate too. Yardley's translation is vivid and accurate, and Anthony A. Certainly, Tiberius is unsure and weak-willed, but Tacitus seeks to ascribe to him a more nefarious character. As Tacitus, Machiavelli, Jefferson, or any proponent of the republic will tell you, great m The great benefit of a republic is the slowness with which it moves. There are several appendixes on topics of more specialized interest.

The drama of the time was not so much in military conquests, but the political maneuverings of the Imperial court. Trying to construct the history of Imperial Rome from Tacitus is like trying to construct today's history using a few sparsely and randomly preserved copies of The Daily Mail.

His writing is crisp and his narration rarely gets sidetracked away from the chronological recording. Not the best historical writing, nor is it the most interesting. He presents his history as an unfolding moral drama, with wars abroad, intrigue at home, and traditional Roman values being everywhere discarded.

There are reasons for his negative attitude. Despite the fact that England has inherited a lot of its Roman heritage, there is still a statue of Boadecea standing prominently outside the houses of Parliament.

The reader is filled with a sense of how frightening it must have been to live in Rome and its empire of the time. Ancient Rome came vividly to life here. Grand politics has not changed since Rome. His work is distinguished by a boldness and sharpness of wit, and a compact and sometimes unconventional use of Latin. Okay, Claudius wasn't necessarily corrupt in the same way that Tiberius and Nero where, but that was because he was actually a very simply person.

My biggest complaint rests with this particular edition rather than Tacitus. Tacitus has stolen the real man from the pages and made him his own living and breathing character, just as, one day, Shakespeare would do with Henry V. Containing many human interest stories from the original historical documents collected by Ussher, this is more than just a history book - it's a work of history. Michael Grant, the translator doesn't give a gloss as to what the original Latin was, presumably something equally uncomplimentary but with a Roman twist. In many nations these were a permanent fixture.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Why do that have to be so academic and dry when you could write a rollicking good story without having to create historical fiction.

And I imagine that will go for anyone who's reading this but isn't a classics student or professor or obsessive. Now I can join Gibbon as an admirer of Tacitus, and will soon join Gibbon as another pilgrim to that ancient city.

These annals are like an episode of Jerry Springer, but with aristocrats instead of rednecks. There are enormous lacunae in the surviving texts, including one four books long in the Annals.

In a dictatorship, much more may be achieved. Though his mother Agrippina attempts to influence him, Nero humors her while attempting to get rid of her and finally succeeding. To write effectively in this style, Tacitus had to summarize substantial information from his sources. If man was by nature a creature of corruption and power seeking, Tacitus may not have seen a need to chronicle the display of these traits in his own society. The next six books are devoted to the reigns of Caligula and Claudius.

The Annals of Imperial Rome

He was under his guardian's thumb, she said - master neither of the empire nor of himself. In other projects Wikisource.

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Within this, he also deals with individual aspects of the emperors. The translations currently available in the Kansas City Public Library, those of Church and Broadribb, and of Moore and Jackson, are good translations. This is one of those books that I could probably read again, and again, and write heaps on, though I will try to restrain myself in this review and go into more detail in my blog.

After all, when you think of Tiberius, do you think of the practical and competent, if surly, monarch of history, or the depraved dictator of the Annals? Meticulously researched and drawing on information from the imperial archives, Tacitus creates and vivid and rich narrative of the period.

Military battles and mutinies are related in sometimes for me eye-glazing detail. The series offers students access to primary sources and, in some cases, the entire source, of a medieval period. It almost defies belief that people do take him so seriously.

For him the relative good times of peace after decades of civil war were a sad fall from the days of ancient virtue when power struggles involved armies and not informants. It is not just native populations revolting against the rule, but also corrupt governors and also difficulties with reinforcing the troops. Still it will not be useless to study those at first sight trifling events out of which the movements of vast changes often take their rise. It's pretty accessible for the same reasons that Livy is, a tight focus, with events juxtaposed so that they often seem to move organically into each other. Messalina meanwhile, more wildly profligate than ever, was celebrating in mid-autumn a representation of the vintage in her new home.

Does the electronic version of the book completely replace the paper version? He composed two major historical works. His is a case study of the craven, sycophantic rule of a series of inadequate monarchs. However, I would recommend spending lots of time in it instead of having to breeze through, so if you are busy I wouldn't pick it up. Then there is a timelessness to his depiction of the business of an empire managing its client states.

Tacitus dislikes all these things. They are also a work of literature and high drama. He says again that Augustus gave and warranted peace to the state after years of civil war, but on the other hand he shows us the dark side of life under the Caesars. Why did Alexander the Great burn his ships in B.

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