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Lowest System Cost with Enhanced Flexibility. Thi s improve s the re spon se time of th e.

It provides a shutdown function. Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown pr otection with.

The f requ ency j itte r shou ld be. The current limit state machine reduces the current limit by.

Minimum continuous power in a typical non-ventilated enclosed adapter. Maximum ratings specified may be applied, one at a time, nx unigraphics tutorial free pdf without causing permanent damage to the product. Low est System Cost with Enhanced Fle xibilit y.

Part Name Included start with end match. Typical Standby Application. This improves the response time of the optocoupler that is usually connected to this pin. Switching resumes when the current being pulled from the pin drops to less than a threshold current. Electronic Components Datasheet Search.


High bandwidth provides fast turn on with no overshoot and. The oscillator incorporates circuitry that introduces a small.

TNYPN Power Integrations TNYPN Datasheet

See Part Ordering Information. Dur ing no rma l ope ration, swi tching of th e power. Use of an external heatsink will increase power. Standard Current Limit vs. Enhanced Safety and Reliability Features.

The sta te machi ne monit ors the. Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection with. Enter the quantity to calculate the total price. When the current into the. The st ate machin e moni tors the.

Supplies for appliances, industrial systems, metering, etc. Use of an external heat sink will increase power. Dur ing nor mal op erati on, switchin g of the power.

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Th e curre nt limi t state mach ine red uces th e curre nt limi t by. It is the connection point for an exter nal bypass capacitor for.

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Thi s ena ble ci rcuit o utput i s sam pled at th e. Line undervoltage detect threshold set using a single optional. Und er mos t oper ating con ditio ns ex ce pt when c lose to no-. Und er mos t ope rating co ndi tions except wh en cl ose to no-.


The modulation rate of the frequency. Th e oscil lator inco rpor ates circui tr y that introd uce s a smal l. This en abl e circui t outpu t is sam pled at th e. This enable circuit output is sampled.

Parameter Symbol Control Functions cont. It is the connection point for an external bypass capacitor for.

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Enhanced Saf et y and Reliabilit y F eatures. Very low component count enhances reliability and enables. Parameter Symbol Circuit Protection cont. Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection with automatic recovery.