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The authors introduce a wide range of critical perspectives on comics, including fandom, genre, intertextuality, adaptation, gender, narrative, formalism, visual culture, and much more. Aren't you arguing that comics can be art too?

My apologies to anyone who is not listed below and should have been. Will Eisner's work has been an inspiration to me, and to thousands of artists, for many years. Sybella Antonucci Antonucci. It starts off trying to define what a comic is, which I quickly realised was an impossible feat.

But if we must answer it, the answer is yes. The overall art and style employed by McCloud just wasn't compelling to me. He really demolishes any doubt about their legitimacy, and in the process created quite a comic himself. The six steps involved in creating any art form are examined in detail.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Try as I might, I can't get into anime or manga, but this was fascinating. Order our Understanding Comics Study Guide. Rather brilliantly, McCloud uses the medium of comics itself for a philosophical meditation on the nature and possibilities of comics.

Frankly it is a bit arrogant to me. Did so many people like it or were they afraid to admit they Understanding Comics is a comic about comics by Scott McCloud. If you read them because they fascinate you and you see them as an art form, this is your book. It is here reprinted by arrangement with Kitchen Sink Press. Feedback During the Quiz End of Quiz.

It's informative and eye opening, but not particularly relevant, like every single other art theory textbook. Not only that, it shows Scott McCloud's skill as a writer and artist that he took a subject that could have been drier than a desert and made it fun and interesting. Reinventing Comics and Making Comics.

Maybe this is less true for non-comics fiction, though. Donald Ault, Thierry Groensteen, M. These questions and many more are answered in this volume, which brings together the two fields of comics research and linguistics to produce groundbreaking scholarship.

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Instead of thinking about comics as a lowbrow medium, it is about time we experience the art and what it can tell us. So while there were a few points when I found him a bit condescending, a bit cloyingly didactic, on the whole I learned a lot about comics and how to think about them, and that was great.

Understanding Comics - Chapter 3 Blood in the Gutter Summary & Analysis

McCloud briefly discusses the pros and cons of using color to illustrate images, especially by means of the traditional four-color process used in the United States. There were some fascinating parts, with interesting, new informations, but there were also enough parts that were boring, because of the too many details and obvious clarifications. McCloud would like to see the art of comics taken more seriously.

And it is art, it might not be as highbrow as artists like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet or my personal favourite Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, but it is still art. He took something easy to explain and built upon that to the more complex ideas. Even if you're not a comic fan at all, this book will leave you with a better appreciation of art and how we use it to know we're not alone. Perhaps the best explanation of how a particular artistic medium works that I've ever seen.

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This book is an excellent start for anyone who wants to learn about comics, and I certainly will continue my research on this topic. Understanding Comics is one phenomenal piece of analysis and it's far more than just a treatise on one medium.

Creators and Contexts brings together new scholarship surveying the production, distribution and reception of American comics from this pivotal decade to the present. Contributions examine the relationship between cognitive linguistics and visual elements as well as interrogate the controversial claim about the status of comics as a language. Kurt Busiek introduced me to comics tong ago and was my best guide for many years. Its employment of comic art as its vehicle is brilliant. Except this one has pictures or should I say, integrated with pictures?

The Art of Comics is the first-ever collection of essays published in English devoted to the philosophical topics raised by comics and graphic novels. During this same period, underground and alternative genres began to garner critical acclaim and media attention beyond comics-specific outlets, as best represented by Art Spiegelman's Maus. Now when I see a comic page and take a look at the composition of the panels I know when the story demands of me to go faster or slower and I am grateful for this new found knowledge.

And then there are angels reading comics, statues of bullied comic readers, massive yin yang symbol! It's the primary source though there are many good books coming out. As the first comprehensive introduction to critical methods for studying comics, Critical Approaches to Comics is the ideal textbook for a variety of courses in comics studies. McCloud's idea that comics are the best thing in the whole universe.

And then you'll get it for yourself. McCloud has an exhaustive knowledge of comics history and a true and sober appreciation of the importance of the genre. And without you, Ivy, it wouldn't have been much fun.

Understanding Comics is a landmark dissection and intellectual consideration of comics as a valid medium. With a lively wit and a laser intelligence, Scott McCloud offers us a fresh new look at the comics medium.

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January Book - Understanding Comics. Emotion through use of different images is analyzed, either with or without the addition of word balloons and sound effects. Anyway, I was extremely impressed by this book. Hans-Christian Christiansen.

Download Understanding Comics The Invisible Art PDF Ebook Free

Understanding Comics Chapter 1 - ProProfs Quiz

Understanding Comics is a misleading title, perhaps How to and why you should appreciate comics would suit the purpose of the book better. Scott McCloud's deep understanding of the history and functions of art makes this an insightful and informative read. Reading Understanding Comic s makes comics sound like highbrow pieces of art and maybe that is how we should view them. Ample examples of each transition type, panel shape, descargar libro calvina carlo frabetti pdf and line style show the reader how each feature potentially adds a different element to the images portrayed.

McCloud has a great graph selection in chapter three breaking this down. Even if you're not interested in comics and graphic novels, McCloud's book might get you interested.