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Go on After dinner he went on showing us his photos. Did you remember to ring Nigel? Mean Need Remember or remind? She recommended John to read this book. Be afraid She was afraid of getting married.

You don't have to listen to him. Infinitive of purpose We can also use the same structure after an infinitive of purpose. Would you like to have dinner with us on Friday? Verbs followed by an infinitive without to. They want me to go to Germany with them.

The book was too great for me to forget. They are planning for him to turn his ideas into action. She drives me to work and never lets me pay for the petrol. It is my least favourite activity. The teacher made us write a very long essay.

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In such sentences we use do to make questions and negatives. They didn't allow eating there. He continued singing without stopping. Hate, like, love and prefer can be followed either by -ing or a to- infinitive.

9 Infinitive Phrase Worksheets and Examples - PDF

Danny told me that he is going to be appointed director of overseas operations. These two sentences have the same meaning, only the form is different. It was probably a short kiss. It would be nice for you to be there the day of the rehearsal. They made us wait while they checked our documents.

9 Infinitive Phrase Worksheets and Examples - PDF

He pretended to have been studying. We were travelling and we stopped for a short time in order to buy some water. The gerund is used when we want to say that a previous activity continues. She was afraid to marry Bill.

The to- infinitive puts the emphasis more on the preference for, or the results of, the action. The verbs that have a different meaning with gerunds and infinitives. The purpose of this activity is for the students to practice their listening skills. The infinitive is used to talk about following actions.

Gerund and Infinitive Exercises

Gerunds and infinitives If-conditional Time clauses Relative clauses Direct indirect object Indirect questions Reported speech. To -infinitive or -ing form with a change in meaning. In the passive voice the form is different. Try I tried calling him because I needed to test my new mobile phone. You needn't listen to him.

We prefer to drive during the day whenever we can. In this sentence we describe the consequences.

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Verbs followed by -ing or an infinitive without to. If not, gerund must be used. In other tenses they are used with gerunds and infinitives, but both forms have a slightly different meaning.

There are a lot of verbs and expressions that are used with these forms. She recited the poem first, then she sang the song. The action was in progress. Nouns We can use certain nouns such as advantage, disadvantage, demand, disaster, idea, mistake, etc. The verb help can also be followed by the infinitiv with to.

Mean I didn't mean to hurt you. And then he went on to show us his photos from Greece. Did you escape writing the test? This means that I do not smoke anymore. The infinitive without to bare infinitive is used as follows.

After some more expressions - let, make, would rather, had better, help. See table with examples below. The difference in meaning is often small. But with the passive voice we use the following form.

But it means spending more money. Verbs followed by a to -infinitive. She wants me to go to the doctor with her. Remember I remember watching the match. The verbs dare and need can also be followed by the infinitive with to.

It was warm enough for us sit in the open. The infinitive is used when we want to describe an activity that follows a previous action and is somehow connected to it.

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Verbs followed by a to -infinitive or -ing. She recommended reading this book. They would like me to be available at all times. In this kind of construction, the object of the main verb is the subject of the verb in the gerund form. Because I work in London, this is the result or consequence.

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It is more common, however, ponte en forma en 9 semanas y media pdf descargar to use - ing form in English after the verbs of senses. Verbs followed by a direct object and a to- infinitive.

Gerund and Infinitive Exercises